The Club is now raising money to commission new work for the Low End String Quartet.

We have a plan for re-invigorating contemporary post-classical music, rattling the classical music establishment, and redefining the place of chamber music in our society.

Many ensembles, managers, and presenters have begun to explore the use of alternative venues as a means of cultivating new audiences. The Low End String Quartet is poised to explore this musical territory in a unique and effective way. The quartet is designed for performances in non-classical venues, such as bars and rock clubs. In recent years, intrepid new music performers (Matt Haimovitz, The Parker String Quartet, The Chiara Quartet, Anti-social Music, to name a few) have found very receptive new-music audiences by performing outside of typical classical music venues. The Low End Quartet takes this idea a big step forward, customizing both the ensemble and repertoire to thrive in this new environment.

We are not your average chamber music ensemble. The Low End String Quartet's style lies squarely at the intersection of the post-classical, avant-jazz, and post-rock worlds. The group's members have played in rock bands, jazz groups, classical and new music ensembles. This wide range of experience allows us to draw on the best practices of each: the visceral excitement of rock, the spontaneous creativity of jazz, and the rigor of the post-classical tradition.

Please join us for this important work.

This winter, we will collaborate on a number of new compositions. Our goal is to generate between thirty and fifty minutes of new music. Early in the spring, we will rehearse these new works, and present them in one or two preview performances. Feedback from listeners, and insights revealed in live performance will inform the evolution of the pieces. After revisions are completed, studio time will be reserved, and the work will be recorded professionally. I expect this to be completed during the summer of 2008. At that point, we will have an evening length program of strong material and a professional quality recording. We'll be equipped with exactly what we need to head out into the world and build that elusive new-music audience, one show at a time.

Club members will be invited to a special members-only performance next spring. You will be able to attend this exclusive and intimate event, and be the first to hear our new music.

Our budget for this project is $8,700. We have received grants totaling $6,700. We will need to raise the remaining $2,000 with the Commissioning Club. Thanks to a generous matching offer from a club member, up to $1,000 in gifts from individuals will be matched. That means we are close to our goal, and your gift will have twice the impact. Please join us as we rumble the foundation of chamber music in America. If you know someone else that should be receiving this invitation, please pass it on, or please let us know so we can introduce ourselves.

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